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What is a Multipurpose WordPress Theme

What is a Multipurpose WordPress Theme?

Have you ever asked yourself the question when buying a WordPress theme, why should I buy a multipurpose theme when I can just get a niche WordPress theme tailored for my business?

Well, so have I, and throughout time, I was able to actually find out why getting a WordPress multipurpose theme like Avada over the latter, is the better choice.

In reality, you can use both types of themes to build a website for your business, but one could serve you better than the other in the long run, and here is how.

What Defines a Multipurpose WordPress Theme?

Modern age themes come with a feature called one-click demo import, where you can import a demo that you see before buying the theme into your website with a simple click.

Keeping this feature in mind, multipurpose themes have demos for different types of businesses. This means, that using the same theme you can build an IT company website, and you can build a fashion online store.

In theory, multipurpose themes have more features and options than niche themes. However, there is one catch. Niche themes are tailored for the business they are targeting, to put it in simpler terms, they will have features built specifically for that business.

So what defines a multipurpose theme is the ability to create any kind of website using the same theme.

What Defines a Niche WordPress Theme?

A niche WordPress theme could be something like ListingPro that allows you to create a directory website. A theme like this will provide you with all the features that a directory website should have. Things like:

  • Digital Wallet
  • Payment Gateways
  • Appointment Booking
  • Lead Form Builder
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Maps Integration

ListingPro Major Features

You can read the full list of features that can come out of this specific niche theme here. In other terms, when considering a niche theme, you should always check what kind of specific features they provide you that can help your business because this is what these types of themes are good at.

If you are creating a medical website, go for a theme that supports online booking for doctors, adding your team of doctors on the website, having a cloud-based calendar, and the ability to add all the services your medical clinic provides.

Why Use a Multipurpose Theme Over a Niche Theme?

People don’t like change so much as it is time-consuming and this means that you have to adapt to new things. So getting yourself used to one multipurpose theme that can do basically everything will help you in creating more than just one website in a more efficient way.

So let us cover three reasons why you should go with the multipurpose WordPress theme rather than the niche one.

1. Ability to build more websites faster

Building websites can become a time-consuming task, but when you get yourself familiar with all the options of a theme that provides you with the magic abilities to design any niche website you want, then you will be more efficient when developing the next website, and the next one, and the next one, you get the point.

2. More value for money

More times than others, you will be getting more value for your money when purchasing a multipurpose theme as it will be feature-rich.

The fact that you will be able to create any kind of website, means that the theme must have all the features that are capable of building such sites.

This image represents one example of all the major features that you can get out of one of the top-selling multipurpose themes:

  • Live Visual Builder
  • Layout Builder
  • Header builder
  • Footer Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Performance Wizard

Avada Major Features

Going over those very quickly, a live visual builder allows you to drag and drop different elements into your website to build the beautiful design, all in real-time.

The layout builder allows you to create specific layouts for specific pages so that you don’t have to recreate the same design on other pages over and over.

Header builder helps you create any header design of your choosing.

Footer builder also helps you create any footer design of your choosing.

The form builder will help you build those forms to capture more leads, convert more, and overall have a more selling website.

Performance wizard will make sure that your website is in good condition, runs smoothly, and performs well.

3. More features mean more in-depth documentation and better support.

When a theme author wants to provide a multipurpose product, it is modern standard to provide hefty documentation along with it. So, you should have answers to all your questions in the in-depth documentation that will be provided to you.

Apart from the documentation part, you will most probably have access to great support as the authors of multipurpose themes tend to be more serious about the success of their product and want good user satisfaction.

So What is a Multipurpose WordPress Theme?

We can conclude, that a multipurpose WordPress theme is a product that can provide you with all the features necessary to design any kind of website needed.

In Conclusion

The final decision will always go back to you, and the website requirements. If you need a website with more niche-specific features, you can go with niche themes. However, if you want themes more advanced and more capable of building different types of websites, then going with a multipurpose is a better option.

Last updated on August 2, 2022 by Abed Shatila
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