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Abed Shatila - Digital Consultant in Dubai

Web Developer, Designer, and a Digital Consultant. I help you boost your online presence and get better conversions.

Abed Shatila

Hi, I’m Abed, a regular guy from Lebanon who codes for a living. I’ve been doing that since 2013, just before I started college, and this is because I enjoy it really.

How it started

I started off as an HTML “developer” ๐Ÿ™„, like everyone else who wanted to dive into the web development sector, and then I upgraded my kit to include JavaScript, jQuery, and a simple backend with PHP. With this kit in my hands, I decided to start freelancing and try to help out local businesses in my area. This worked for around a whole year while I was doing college, and thenย  I joined SlideSigma remotely as a WordPress theme developer. After my graduation, I went to India to work with SlideSigma in their Indian office, and after a year and a half, I went back to Lebanon to work remotely for SlideSigma yet again.

My job there changed from time to time. Initially started off as a WordPress developer, then worked closely to make sure that other developers delivered projects with the necessary standards and quality while still working on automation that allowed the company to move forward.

The in between

Now let’s jump to my ThemeForest / Template Monster journey where I quit SlideSigma and decided to make themes and templates for those two marketplaces on my own. I built my own two profiles, had to pick up new skills just to catch up with the market, and just like that, two years later I have two accounts with over 60k USD in sales as a sole individual doing everything from A to Z. I’m talking design, development, taking care of support and much more than meets the eye. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

How it’s going

In, 2019, my lovely country was at another level of low, and working as a freelancer here proved to be a bit of a difficult ordeal, so I decided to head over to Dubai where I worked for NeverStop Media as the head of development. At NSM, I acquired a lot of skills including SEO, SEM, and basically a 360-degree understanding of Digital Marketing, all that while managing my own team of developers and working closely with all the departments to make sure that client requirements are met.

Given that NSM is a Digital Agency, we followed Agile principles to keep up with the neverending changes of clients, and this is in fact what I am good at. ๐Ÿ’ช

I would say that I’m a good Project Manager, but the only skill that I would love to learn is to sell. I can pitch clients, talk to clients, make sure they are satisfied with the products, and deliver their requirements to the necessary members of the projects, however, when it comes to selling clients, this is where I want to make myself better.

That, and improving my Machine Learning and AI skills to further keep up with the ever-changing market requirements. Anyway, that’s everything you should know about me, now, how about reaching out ๐Ÿ˜

Education & Courses

Rafik Hariri University

Computer Science Degree 2015-2018

UI/UX Bootcamp at DesignLab

UI/UX Certificate from DesignLab 2018

Google UX Design Professional Certificate

UX Certificate from Google's Program 2019

Experience & Career

WordPress Developer

SlideSigma New York (Remote) 2017 - 2020

Mid-Level WordPress Developer

SlideSigma India 2020 - 2021

Head of Development

NSM Group Dubai 2021 - Present

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